• Salads

    • Happy veggies

      Happy veggies

      270 r.

      Salad leaves mix with tomatoes,cucumbers and piquant dressing.

    • Camarones Coctail

      Camarones Coctail

      380 r.

      Shrimps, pineapple, olives,sweet pepper and celery with a “Coctail” sauce.

    • Island


      460 r.

      National Cuban salad with avocado, shrimps, ham and egg with a “Calipso” sauce.

    • Shrimp almond

      Shrimp almond

      460 r.

      Shrimp fried in almond, in combination with salad leaves mix and avocado, dressed with mustard-olive dressing.

    • Cuban poke

      Cuban poke

      530 r.

      The author's recipe of our Chef for a popular Hawaiian dish: fresh fish fillet (salmon or tuna of your choice) with the addition of summer mango, avocado and white rice under a gentle “Tropicana " dressing.

    • Salad with shark’s steak

      Salad with shark’s steak

      490 r.

      Shark’s steak, salad leaves mix, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan and dressing with capers and anchovies.

    • Salpicon de mariscos

      Salpicon de mariscos

      550 r.

      A luxurious salad with seafood: tiger shrimps, giant mussels, octopus, squid and salmon fillet under olive dressing with red onions, paprika, cherry tomatoes, celery, marinated onions and cilantro.

    • Salad in pineapple

      Salad in pineapple

      460 r.

      Exotic combination of chicken,lettuce, strawberry and pineapple with dressing of mint and basil. 

    • Salad Chan-Chan

      Salad Chan-Chan

      440 r.

      Tropical combination of lightly roasted fresh tuna and exotic jackfruit with the addition of juicy grapefruit and salad leaves mix. Served with spicy mango sauce and a slice of lime

    • Salad La Pollo Marinado

      Salad La Pollo Marinado

      350 р.

      A light salad with grilled chicken fillet, lettuce, juicy tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, fragrant paprika and red beans with original tamarind dressing.

    • Siboney


      410 r.

      National Cuban dish. Fresh veggies with bloated turkey, bacon, cheese and red beans with a lemon-olive sauce. 

    • Salad «Lengua»

      Salad «Lengua»

      390 r.

      A wonderful combination of beef tongue, pineapple, leaves salad , celery, paprika and ripe pomegranate with Panna sauce. 

    • Salad Santiagera

      Salad Santiagera

      420 r.

      An exotic combination of tropical mango, shrimp and tender chicken breast with the addition of lettuce, olives and crispy celery under a Calypso sauce.

    • Steak-Salad «Havana»

      Steak-Salad «Havana»

      430 r.

      Beef steak, avocado and fresh vegetables with olive dressing.