• Hot snacks

    • Baked mussels

      Baked mussels

      430 r.

      National Cuban dish. Mussels with crabs, ham and sweet pepper, baked with cheese. 200/40 g

    • Beer snacks

      Beer snacks

      680 r.

      Spicy chorizo and spanish homemade sausages from lamb and beef in hot sauce, fried yucca and tostones, nachos, cod-fructuras. 250 g

    • Buritos


      360 r.

      A traditional dish Latino American cuisine. Chicken pieces, fried with onions and chili beans, wrapped in tortillas. Served with sauces «Cheddar» and «Alioli». 200/60 g

    • Che’s bullets

      Che’s bullets

      390 r.

      Minced beef, roasted on a fire with beans. Served on a corn chips. 300 g

    • Cheese balls

      Cheese balls

      290 r.

      A great addition to the beer. Served with «Blue cheese» sauce. 60/50 g

    • Chicharrones mix

      Chicharrones mix

      900 r.

      Crispy fried chicken, fish and squid, corn frituras/fried yucca. Served with sauce “Cocktail”. 450/170 g

    • Crokets


      190 r.

      National Cuban dish. On your choice: crokets with chicken, crokets with fish, crokets with meat or crokets with ham and cheese. Served with «Alioli» sauce. 120/30 g

    • Enchiladas


      390 r.

      Beef pieces, baked with an onion and  sweet pepper, wrapped in cake. Served with a “Cheddar”, “Crema” and “Salsa” sauces. 320/60 g

    • Octopus with onion

      Octopus with onion

      550 r.

      Octopuses with a piquant chili sauce with onion. Served with a boiled potato and corncob. 140/240 g

    • Piquant mussels

      Piquant mussels

      390 r.

      Mussels stuffed with mushrooms, olives and tomatoes in a spicy sauce, baked with cheese. 200/30 g

    • Quesadilla


      360 r.

      Latin -American pie in wheat tortilla, baked with chicken, cheese, corn, cooked on a “plancha”. Served with “Crema” and “Salsa” sauces. 300/60 g

    • Spanish tortilla

      Spanish tortilla

      190 r.

      National Spanish snack – a pie from a thinly gashed potato, baked with egg. Served with «Alioli» sauce. 100/30 g