Hot dishes

    • Hot dishes 1

    • Arroz with vegetables

      Arroz with vegetables

      490 р.

      Yellow rice with vegetables and spices: eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, paprika. 500 г

    • Baked mackerel

      Baked mackerel

      570 r.

      A traditional dish of Creole cuisine. Baked Atlantic mackerel with Spanish spices and vegetables, served with Cuban sauce Moho. 250/220/50 g

    • Calf with vegetables

      Calf with vegetables

      720 r.

      Tenderloin young calf cooked on the grill. Served with pickled grilled vegetables. 120/160/60 g

    • Carne de cangrejo y camaron

      650 r.

      Cutlets of crab and shrimp Original cutlets of crab, shrimp and celery with yogurt sauce. Served with mashed potatoes. 300/50 g

    • Chicken Fajitas / Pork Fajitas / Veal Fajitas / Fajitas  Mix

      Chicken Fajitas / Pork Fajitas / Veal Fajitas / Fajitas Mix

      690 р. / 760 р. / 1100 р. / 900 р.

      A traditional dish of Latin America – pan-fried pieces of meat or poultry (on your choise) and paprika on the red-hot frying pan. Sets on fire with tequila. 280/190 г

    • Cod wedges

      Cod wedges

      490 r.

      Cod fillets, cooked on a “plancha”, with delicate puree of spinach and new potatoes. 220/100/80 g

    • Cordero al chilindron

      Cordero al chilindron

      980 r.

      Traditional Cuban dish. Lamb’s knukle, stewed with vegetables. 300/200 g

    • Cuello de cordero estofado

      Cuello de cordero estofado

      690 r.

      The original Cuban dish. Stewed lamb neck under meat sauce, served with a vegetable mix: southern tomatoes, onions, parsley and rosemary. 260/100 g

    • Grilled vegetables

      Grilled vegetables

      420 r.

      Southern tomatoes, eggplant , zucchini, paprika, sweet yam under exotic dressing with olive oil and herbs. 400 g

    • Lamb grilled

      Lamb grilled

      850 r.

      National Cuban dish. Tender mutton with bone, cooked on the grill. Served with pineapple-grill and sweet potato. 290/80 g

    • Mejillones en tomatos

      Mejillones en tomatos

      580 r.

      Mussels in tomato Mussels cooked in a spicy tomato sauce. Served with cherry tomatoes and herbs in a cauldron. 400 g

    • Mix grill meat

      Mix grill meat

      880 r.

      Pork tenderloin, chicken, lamb and duck, cooked on the grill. Served with vegetables grill and sauce “Solomiyo”. Dish for two person. 300/95/60 g

    • Picadillo a la Habanera

      540 r.

      The traditional Cuban dish. Veal chopped, stewed with red onion, raisins and olives in tomato sauce and fried bananas. Served with paprika stuffed with rice and baked under Cheddar cheese. 400/60 g

    • Piezas de res

      Piezas de res

      680 r.

      Tender beef fillet fried in BBQ sauce. Served with green peas, fried with tomatoes and hot pepper. 200/10 g

    • Ribs of lamb

      Ribs of lamb

      780 r.

      Cutlets from the loin of lamb on the bone, marinated with Cuban herbs, roasted on the grill. 240/90 g

    • Ruletas de ternero

      Ruletas de ternero

      690 р.

      Veal roulettes. Juicy veal tenderloin wrapped in a roll with fresh spinach. Served with fried plantains and wine sauce. 190/80/25 г

    • Salmon


      720 r.

      Salmon fillets, cooked on a “plancha”. Served with vegetable tartar and exotic Moro berries sauce. 150/80/20 g

    • Solomillo criollo

      Solomillo criollo

      860 r.

      Traditional Cuban dish. Beef sirloin, cooked on a “plancha”. Served with fried in bacon bananas and “Criollo” sauce. 150/20/60 g

    • Steak ribeye

      Steak ribeye

      1400 r.

      A steak of marble beef, prepared on grill. Served with fried vegetables. 230/70/30 g

    • Steak with potatoes

      Steak with potatoes

      980 r.

      Grilled beef loin on the bone, cooked on the grill. Served with potatoes “Idaho” and sauce “Solomiyo”. 400/80/60 g


Hot dishes

    • Hot dishes 2

    • Arroz a la marinera

      Arroz a la marinera

      640 r.

      Traditional Cuban dish. The best combination of rice with tiger shrimps, octopus, squids, mussels, salmon and cod. 500/15 g

    • Arroz amarillo al  horno

      Arroz amarillo al horno

      590 r.

      Yellow rice, cooked with rabbit, chicken, ham and chorizo​​. 500/45 g

    • Bistec de palomilla criollo y frijoles negros

      Bistec de palomilla criollo y frijoles negros

      460 r.

      Steak brisket with black beans National Cuban dish. Pork belly, cooked on a plancha. Served with rice and black beans with wine sauce. 220/100/80 g

    • Canciller al mаndаrin

      Canciller al mаndаrin

      490 r.

      The traditional Cuban dish. Fish fillet, stuffed with ham and cheese. Served with «Mandarin» sauce. 240/100 g

    • Grouper


      590 r.

      Grouper, cooked on a “plancha” with an olive sauce with an anchovy and capers. 170/50/40 g

    • Lomo  Relleno

      Lomo Relleno

      630 r.

      Traditional Cuban dish.  Pork’s incisure, stuffed with creamy cheese and wrapped in bacon with sour-sweet sauce. 250/50 g

    • Mariscada


      980 r.

      Traditional Cuban dish of tiger and king shrimps, giant mussels, sea cristae and squids, cooked on a “plancha”.  Served on scorching pan and sets on fire with rum. 280/50 g

    • Masas de Cerdo

      Masas de Cerdo

      690 r.

      Traditional Cuban dish. Pork’s fillete, fried with bacon, olives, tomatoes and onion with a “Barbeque” sauce. Served on cake with the fried bananas. 300/40 g

    • Mix of seafood

      Mix of seafood

      1150 r.

      Salmon, shrimp, walleye, grilled mussels and young squid. Served with a spicy sauce. Dish for two person. 360/40/30 g

    • Mussels in mustard juice

      Mussels in mustard juice

      670 r.

      Mussels cooked in Cuban national cream sauce with cheese. Served in a cauldron. 400g

    • Ostiones


      840 r.

      Sea cristae, cooked on a “plancha”, with shrimps in cream sauce. Served with new potatoes. 120/110 g

    • Paella with seafood

      Paella with seafood

      1350 r.

      A traditional Spanish dish. Yellow rice cooked with salmon, seafood cocktail, mussels and shrimps in combination with zucchini and sweet pepper. Served on a hot skillet. Dish for two persons. 1100 g

    • Pato al mango

      Pato al mango

      780 r.

      Grilled on a “plancha” juicy duck breast and mellow mangoes with a garnish of potato crisps and union. Dressed with exotic sauce. 180/50/70 g

    • Pavo ahumado

      Pavo ahumado

      490 r.

      Turkey wing on cheese Buko with prunes under the sweet-and-sour wine sauce. Served with white rice and fried plantains. 380/190 г

    • Pork chops with mushrooms

      Pork chops with mushrooms

      680 r.

      Cuban national dish. Loin pork on the bone, cooked on the grill.Served with mushrooms in crispy crust and sauce “Solomiyo”. 380/110/40 g

    • Ropa vieja

      Ropa vieja

      490 r.

      Traditional Cuban dish. Beef stew with sweet pepper, red onion, olives and tomato sauce. Served with rice. 330/100 g

    • Skewers with chicken / Skewers with pork

      Skewers with chicken / Skewers with pork

      390 r. / 460 r.

      Skewers, grill-prepared. Served with mix-salad and «Аlioli» or «Salsa» sauce. 200/60/40 g

    • Tuna


      790 r.

      Tuna, cooked on a “plancha”, with a spicy tomato sauce. Served with new potatoes. 160/120 g

    • Uruguallo


      420 r.

      Traditional Cuban dish. Chicken fillet, stuffed ham and cheese, in a crispy crust. Served with rice with black beans. 220/100/10 g

    • Zarzuela


      850 r.

      Seafood in the original tomato sauce with nuts: mussels, squid, white fish and royal shrimp. 430 g