• Desserts

    • Apple pie with ice cream

      Apple pie with ice cream

      260 r.

      Warm cake with fresh apples with caramel sauce. Served with pistachio ice cream. 220/60 g

    • Banana with chocolate

      Banana with chocolate

      240 r.

      Warm chocolate-banana pie. Served with ice cream. 200/60 g

    • Blueberry-mango dessert

      Blueberry-mango dessert

      290 r.

      Air mascarpone with pieces ripe mango and blueberries. 140 g

    • Caribbean muffin

      210 r. / 280 r.

      Warm chocolate cake with filling of dark chocolate. At your request, served with vanilla ice cream. 120 g / 180 g

    • Carrot cake

      Carrot cake

      260 р.

      Traditional carrot dessert with cream and almonds. 200/10 g

    • Catalan cream

      Catalan cream

      190 r.

      Dessert of vanilla cream and a crispy caramel custr. 130 g

    • Chocolate fondue

      Chocolate fondue

      370 r.

      Traditional chocolate fondue. Served with fresh fruit and dried fruits. 185/90 g

    • Coconut flan

      Coconut flan

      180 r.

      Tender coconut souffle. 180/10 g

    • Cuban tartlets

      Cuban tartlets

      250 r.

      Tartlets with cream cheese and original Cuban jams of guava and coconut. 220 g

    • Cuban tatiano with vanilla ice cream

      Cuban tatiano with vanilla ice cream

      260 r. / 330 r.

      Chocolate cake with guava. At your request, served with vanilla ice cream. 200 g/260 g

    • Flambe


      260 r.

      Ice cream in the sand breaded with grilled pineapple. 100/100/35 g

    • Ice cream

      Ice cream

      90 r.

      Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, pistachio. 60 g

    • Panna сotta

      Panna сotta

      190 r.

      Creamy soufflé with rum and fresh strawberries. 180 g

    • Sorbet


      90 r.

      Orange, lemon, mango, strawberry. 60 g 

    • The jewels of Cuba

      The jewels of Cuba

      310 r.

      Chocolate Cuban «cigar» with jam from guava. Served with rum and cream. 90/20 g