• Cold snacks

    • Assorted cheeses

      Assorted cheeses

      680 r.

      Assorted cheeses. Served with honey, nuts  and Cuban cracker. 150/180 g

    • Jamon


      150 r.

      30 g

    • Seviche with salmon & shrimps

      Seviche with salmon & shrimps

      630 r.

      Traditional Latin American snack. Salmon fillet and shrimps with hot marinade. Served with a boiled potato and corncob. 200/130 g

    • Shrimps in hot marinade

      Shrimps in hot marinade

      590 r.

      National Cuban dish with tiger shrimps in hot marinade, served with avocado salad. 130/80 g

    • Aceitunas con salsa de tamarindo

      Aceitunas con salsa de tamarindo

      290 r.

      Giant olives with tamarind sauce.

    • Bruschetta with octopus

      Bruschetta with octopus

      380 r.

      Gastronomic exclusive right from Liberty Island: tender octopus marinated with love by our Chef, served on a crispy bruschetta with chopped tomatoes and Spanish spices.

    • Jamon and sausages

      Jamon and sausages

      450 r.

      Set of meat delicacies: jamon, raw beef ham and smoked sausages.Served with dates

    • Spanish tapas

      Spanish tapas

      370 r.

      Light summer appetizer of three types of tapas , will be a great addition to wine, served with olives in a tamarind sauce.